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        Seven seriesfabric productMeet kinds of labor protection demands
        Anti- static Anti- static Anti- static radiation protection radiation protection radiation protection radiation protection radiation protection radiation protection oil-water repellent oil-water repellent oil-water repellent acid-alkali?resistant acid-alkali?resistant acid-alkali?resistant UV protection UV protection UV protection High-grade clothing fabrics High-grade clothing fabrics High-grade clothing fabrics
        YOUTONG productsEight guarantees
        • 資質
        • 資質
        • 資質
        • 資質
        • 資質
        • 資質
        • 資質
        • 榮譽證書
        • 榮譽證書
        • 榮譽證書
        three cooperation modelsmore expand space for business
          Professional customization Fabric production and processing as required
          factory?direct?supply Directsupply, provide various
          Professional Customization Invitation fabric agent and enterprise
        Combined for designdevelopmentproduction and after-sales service
        price advantage The customer can get?more?benefit?without?the?middleman,factory direct supply
        army-civilian integration The product quality is certified by military science and technology level
        technical?services We provide?professional?technical?services,with more?optimized protection?solution and ?Shorter?production?cycle.
        quality assurance Twenty years experience in textile manufacture and design
        YOUTONGDeeply praised by customers
        Foreign main exit North America, South America, Africa, Europe and region of middle east
        Nouth America / 北美
        South America / 南美
        Western Europe / 西歐
        Eestern Europe / 東歐
        Middle East / 中東
        Southeast Asia / 東南亞
        cooperate with domestic and foreign famous corporations
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        • General tooling
          To meet your needs for work clothes in different seasons.
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          General tooling
        • Special tooling
          Workwear that meets your different needs and prices.
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          Special tooling
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